Exclusive Locked Airdrop for TRIBL CoinList Participants

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Tribal has crafted an exclusive “Locked Airdrop” incentive program in which CoinList sale participants can receive a 5% Airdrop of TRIBL tokens. The Airdrop program is solely for CoinList participants and will reward CoinList community partners who have supported Tribal. To strategically navigate the current market conditions and support token value for the entire Tribal community, we are modifying the unlock schedule and extending it to April 9, 2024. To those who say locked tokens don’t have value, we humbly disagree!


The Tribal team has been heads-down working day in and day out to create a fully functional protocol that can truly move the DeFi industry forward and give partners the power to scale their operations like never before. We are thrilled with the progress we’ve made to date, and can’t wait to share all the valuable uses that our token will have in the very near future!

It’s no secret that crypto markets have been volatile and depressed. We’ve spoken with key members of the community, market specialists, and our private investors, and the way forward is clear. While it is difficult to time the market, we’ve been encouraged by our community members that it would be beneficial to the long term health of the project to extend the token unlock schedule. All private sale investors, team members and advisors have volunteered to extend their lockups in a sign of unanimous support for the project.

Establishing this position of strength together is a cause to celebrate, and therefore, we are providing a special TRIBL Locked Airdrop solely to CoinList sale participants.

Release Schedule

The release schedule has been modified as follows:

The initial release is scheduled for April 9th, 2024;

The cliff distribution has been removed and replaced with a linear vesting schedule

  • Public Sale Option 1 participants will receive tokens over a 6-month period
  • Public Sale Option 2 participants will receive tokens over a 12-month period
Note: Full participation and token price of $1 assumed for illustrative purposes above and in the next graph.

Locked Airdrop Terms

To reward community support for the Tribal Ecosystem, we are launching a special Locked Airdrop program exclusively for CoinList sale participants:

  1. All CoinList sale participants are eligible to earn a 5% TRIBL Locked Airdrop, calculated with respect to individual token allocations at respective token sale prices ($0.40 or $0.55).
  2. Rewards will be airdropped monthly over a 3-month period, commencing in April 2024
  3. To earn the airdropped tokens, CoinList sale participants must complete important community engagement activities by May 29, 2023, which are explained in greater detail here.

Additional Context

Supporting steady and equitable ecosystem growth is our highest priority. Some important steps taken to accomplish this include:

  1. All private sale investors have volunteered to extend their lockups commensurately
  2. All team members and advisors have volunteered to extend their lockups commensurately
  3. Only CoinList participants are eligible for an exclusive 5% Locked Airdrop program
  4. CoinList sale participants will benefit from a preferred token release schedule:
  • This is accomplished by introducing a graduated token release schedule for all private sale participants, whereby token distribution starts off at low levels, and grows each month at approximately 10–12% per month. Such a graduated distribution curve provides the protocol with ample time for broader adoption after it is fully functional and tokens begin to be released from lockup
  • In the context of the linear release for CoinList tokens, this means that CoinList participants will have received substantially all of their tokens before private sale participants begin to receive the bulk of their tokens (see below illustration)

Get in Touch

The Tribal Team is available to answer any questions you may have in the #support channel in the Tribal Discord. You can join here.

We are grateful for the community’s support and understanding. We look forward to your continued engagement with the growing Tribal Crypto Ecosystem!

Kind regards,

The Tribal Team

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Tribal Core Team

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